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PayPerMinute plugin - how it works
PayPerMinute plugin - how it works

Charge Members for Skype calls

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Since the PayPerMinute plugin is the tool used by our Models to charge SkyPrivate Members for their Skype calls, we have created this page to show you how to use the plugin and its functions.

1. You can download the PayPerMinute plugin from your Model account, in the "Download Skype plugin" section on the left:

2. After you turned on your computer, open your Skype and then the PayPerMinute plugin. Please wait for at least 10 seconds for the plugin to open.

3. Enter your SkyPrivate email or SkyPrivate username and your SkyPrivate password. 

4. Click on the "Link account" button and then enter your Skype email and Skype password. This step is required only 1 time, when you log into the plugin for the first time.

5. If the plugin shows the "Connected" message, then everything is set! You are ready to provide shows.       

6. As long as you are connected to the plugin and on logged into your Skype, you will appear online on the profiles page.

7. If a person sees your profile and finds it attractive, he will contact you on Skype.

8. If that person is a SkyPrivate Member, you will be notified by the plugin, on the lower right side of the desktop.
If the person is NOT a SkyPrivate Member, the plugin will NOT show that window at the lower side of the desktop.

9. Discuss the details of the show and tell the person to call you. When the person calls you, the plugin will identify if it is a Member with funds or not

10. Accept the Skype video call (ONLY if the plugin recognized the SkyPrivate Member) and you will begin to charge the Member per minute.

11. After the call is ended by either you or the Member, you will be credited with the money for the call. You can see the call in your account, in the section History ⇒ Calls as well as History ⇒ Payments.

12. Once you had a pay-per-minute call with a Member, the plugin will offer you some information about him, whenever you open a chat window with that Member in Skype

13. If you wish to stop appearing "Online" on the profiles page, you will need to exit the plugin. For that, go to the lower right side of your computer's desktop, right-click on the icon and click on "Exit".

14. You can also add a video preview to your profile using the plugin. Right-click on the plugin's icon and click on "Record a preview".

 For more information about the video preview, please visit this article ⇒ click

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