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What are the withdrawal processing periods?
What are the withdrawal processing periods?

The time you need to wait to receive your payout

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    Payouts are sent on a per-request basis only to verified Models and Studios. You can request as many withdrawals as you want, as long as you have reached the minimum amount according the chosen payout method

    To receive your payouts, you will need to make a withdrawal request from your SkyPrivate account, by going to Payments ⇒ Withdraw.  The payout methods can be found here

    The standard withdrawal processing period is 14 days according to the Model/Studio Agreement. Since we aim to offer you a great experience using our service, some of the payout methods have a shorter processing period. Please note that periods shorter than 14 days are not contractual and are subject to change without any notice. The processing periods for each withdrawal are the following:

- 3 days for Paxum, Bitsafe since you submitted the withdrawal

- 1 day for Bitcoin

- 7 days for bank transfers (SEPA, ACH, SWIFT,Directa24) since you submitted the withdrawal

    Attention: to receive payments you need to get your identity verified first and also having no ongoing investigations to your account (reports, quality etc.)! 

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