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PayPerMinute plugin - Not configured status
PayPerMinute plugin - Not configured status

Model - plugin not configured

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Why isn't my plugin configured?

Most probably, you forgot to save your Skype ID in your SkyPrivate account, or probably it is incorrect. To solve this, all you have to do is to follow some simple steps:

  1. Open Skype ⇒ Click on your name/avatar ⇒ go to Skype Profile ⇒ Skype Name (=Skype ID) ⇒ Copy it

  2. Open your SkyPrivate account ⇒ go to Settings ⇒ Services ⇒ Press Configure/Edit ⇒ insert the copied Skype ID ⇒ Press Save

  3. Right-click on the small icon of the plugin (usually found on the bottom bar in the right corner) and press "Log out"

  4. Now log in again in the PayPerMinute plugin - this time you will see a yellow button called "Link account"

  5. Press it and log in using your Skype account credentials (the one you linked with your SkyPrivate account)

All should be fine now!

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