Video preview on Mac fix
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This is a workaround that will help you upload a video preview using the plugin on a Mac device.

! This will not work on a MacBook !

In order to make this work, you are going to need the following things:

  • ManyCam software (in order to download it, click here)

  • One 7 seconds video recording

1. Install the ManyCam software

2. Open it and in the first image you see, right-click on the image and select Media files (upload the video you want to record)

3. Have the video ready to start manually when the plugin countdown will start (play the video once, click on the pause button to activate the play button)

4. Open the plugin and click on Record a video preview

5. After opened, select from the upper left drop down menu - ManyCam

6. After you see the same image in both ManyCam window and the plugin window, hit the record button in the plugin and press play in ManyCam when the plugin starts recording

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