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Minimum recommended price for SkyPrivate Models
Minimum recommended price for SkyPrivate Models
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Why would you want to go for a higher price per minute?

Let us explain: over the last years, we’ve been studying the performance of the Models on SkyPrivate and running hundreds of pricing experiments with their help and cooperation.

Then, we put all the data we’ve got in the context of their countries of residence and our members’ behavioral patterns, too.

The result?

A higher price per minute helps the models who are working on SkyPrivate catch the attention of higher-paying members.

In other words, you’ll want to go for a higher price to:

  • put yourself on the radar of higher-paying members

  • get steady quality traffic

  • get more recurring calls

Why “more recurring calls”? Because the same data has shown us that higher-paying SkyPrivate members are also more likely to grow into regulars.

And it’s high-paying regulars that you want to attract as a SkyPrivate model, isn’t it?

Then set your price per minute higher than $1.34/min!

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