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Buy a session without an account
Buy a session without an account

How can guests buy a session with you

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Guests can buy a session with you without having an account. All they need is the following:

  • email address

  • Skype ID

With this information, they will fill in the required fields to make the payment to you. Those fields are located on your public profile, by clicking on "Purchase Session", as seen in the screenshot below:


Guests will be able to contact you, if you allow them to do that! Contacting you is important, because it gives you the opportunity of discussing beforehand and agreeing on the terms of the show. We strongly recommend you do this with the Guests, as to be easier for both of you to connect and enjoy the time.

To allow them to see your Skype ID, you need to make the following setting in your account (click here to quickly access it):

Make sure to have the $0 amount in the red box section from the screenshot above. Also, don't forget to press "Save".

Even if you choose not to display your Skype ID, guests will still be able to send you a payment.

After the guest made the payment, you will receive an email with the Payment confirmation and guest details:

The information underlined with yellow is the Skype ID of the guest. You need to contact him. He will receive a similar email, so he has a way of reaching you as well!

Make sure that your account setting is allowing this sort of emails to be sent to you. You can check the setting here. The final setting should look like this:

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