After having a PayPerMinute call, a member has 24 hours to leave a rating to the model according to the satisfaction of the show.

In some cases, there are times that models don’t feel comfortable with the rating provided by members in relation to their performance during the show, therefore, there is a way to dispute the rating.


  1. If 48 hours have not passed yet from the moment of the call, the Model has to contact the Member and requests the change.

  2. If 48 hours have passed and the member is not replying to the model’s request / the member doesn’t want to change the rating/comment, the model can request a rating removal by contacting Support for them to provide further assistance.

    1. Clarification: the rating or the comment cannot be changed together or independently, ONLY REMOVED.

Exception: If more than 48 hours have passed and the member does not have access to modify the rating. The rating can be removed by the Quality Department ONLY if the model presents enough evidence where the member agrees for the rating to be removed.


  • The request has to be submitted within 72 hours from the moment the call has taken place

  • The model has to provide the screenshots of the conversation with the member

    • Screenshots of the initial agreement before the call started (If any).

    • Call length (When the interaction started and ended).

    • Further conversation between the parties involved (if any).

Removal scenarios:

  1. Personal information within rating comment: The rating comment contains personal information from the model that cannot be publicly displayed: Phone number, email, name, address, etc

  2. Offensive language within rating comment: The comment has foul language or very offensive comments towards the model.

  3. Short call bad rate: Member rates a call under 1 minute.

  4. Service rating: The member leaves a bad rating due to a technical inconvenience.

    1. Clarification: Consider technical inconveniences such as short call, low internet connection, call ended on the member’s side due to technical issues, low quality during the streaming (internal investigation needed).

  5. Exceptional situation: Old rating removal request: Model asks for an old rating to be removed (min 3 months old). An internal investigation is required. Evidence will still be needed for the rating removal.

If the Member/Model wants to modify the rating given to the Model/Member

  1. If 48 hours have not passed yet, they can change the rating (the rating can be modified as many times as the user wants within 48 hours from the moment the call has taken place.

    1. The rating can be given only for one call within 24 hours with the same user (regardless of the number of calls they have had in that period).

  2. If 48 hours have passed, the rating can be removed at any time as per the user’s request

    1. The comment cannot be modified, but only removed together with the given rating. No screenshots are needed.

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