After having a PayPerMinute call, a member has 24 hours to leave a rating to the model according to the satisfaction of the show.

If the Member wants to modify the rating given to the Model:

  1. If 48 hours have not passed yet, the member can change the rating (the rating can be modified as many times as the user wants within 48 hours from the moment the call has taken place.

    • The rating can be given only for one call within 24 hours with the same user (regardless of the number of calls they have had in that period).

  2. If 48 hours have passed, the rating can be removed at any time as per the user’s request

    • The comment cannot be modified, but only removed together with the given rating. No screenshots are needed

Rating removal process:

  1. The member has to contact Support to ask for the rating removal after 48 hours from the time the rating was given.

  2. Details to provide:

    1. Brief description of the reasons for removing the rating.

    2. Skype ID of the model

Important information:

The member can rate a specific model one time in 24 hours (no matter how many calls he had with her) only after PayPerMinute call (No prepays can be rated). Member can do it by accessing the email he receives after the call, or from his account History → Calls

Ratings can be changed from the email received.

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