Since we updated our plugin to the version 1.2.9, now you have to enter one more information in order to log into the plugin. It’s a one shot thing, at the first login in the new plugin version.

    The process is very simple, just please follow the next steps:

    1. Log into your Skype and check your email address. Take a look at the screenshot:

    2. Log into the plugin by typing your SkyPrivate password


    3. New page: here you have to put the email address associated with your Skype (the one from step 1) and the Skype password. If you did not use an email address to register your Skype account, try to enter your Skype ID (the one you use to log into your SkyPrivate account) or your phone number (if it's the case).

    As mentioned before, this page will appear only once, at the first login.

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