You can use: 

  1. Paxum card
  2. FirstChoice Pay card [for US models with no Payoneer account, being a Business Partner we can facilitate one for you]
  3. Bitcoin (network fee is paid by SkyPrivate).  Make sure it is a BTC address otherwise your funds can be lost forever. if you want to cancel your bitcoin withdrawal, you can email us asap at
  4. ePayments [FREE! $0 payout fee if you use ePayments] An e-payments e-wallet looks like 000-xxxxxx. However, this card is not available in the US.
  5. Also, through

Or you can withdraw your money using your current bank account [for higher amounts only; see Fees]


  • For payouts to Paxum Card the fee is $2.00.
  • For payouts to FirstChoicePay card, the fee is $3.00.
  • For payouts to ePayments card, the fee is $0.00.
  • For payouts to Bitcoin, the fee is $0.00 (network fee is paid by SkyPrivate)
  • For payouts to International Bank accounts (Wire), the fee is $80.00 - $100.00 (depending on every specific situation), but we use this method only for larger amounts (higher than $10.000). Contact us for details.