Once you've created a free account, you can fill in your public profile information and you will have your own public page, with more details about you and your type of Skype show. The page will be visible on http://profiles.skyprivate.com/

To start publishing your public profile:

Go to http://accounts.skyprivate.com/user/profile/


Do not forget to click the "Publish" Button after you've filled in all the information that you consider relevant for your page. A detailed description of yourself and the shows you provide will help your profile immensely.


Add an avatar from the "Change Avatar" tab. Here, you can upload a picture of yourself from your device.


Set your privacy settings (you can block visitors from any country to visit your profile) or display/hide the price.
IMPORTANT: You can't see your profile if you blocked the country you are in, unless you're logged into your SkyPrivate account.
Set Yes for "Profile visible" (see screenshot bellow)


Do not forget to click the "Save Changes" Button


Set your privacy settings so that the plugin will automatically block people who are not Skyprivate members


Do not forget to click the "Save Changes" Button


Remember you can always see how your public profile looks like by clicking on "View your profile". (if you blocked the country where you are in, you can not see your profile)