Why do you need to find your Skype ID?

- Because in order to be able to call models on Skype and pay-per-minute, your SkyPrivate username (the variable you use to log into your SkyPrivate account) must be exactly the same as your Skype ID ( the unique ID that every Skype account has).

Finding out your Skype ID is easy and you have 2 options to do so:

1. Go to the main page where you can register a new SkyPrivate account: https://accounts.skyprivate.com/users/register/ and click on "Don't know your Skype ID? Find it here."

Fill in your e-mail address you used to create your Skype account and then click on submit.

After doing this, your Skype ID will be auto-filled in the first field of the form.


2. You just have to log into Skype for web here: https://web.skype.com/

Enter your Skype email address

And password

Click on your name

You will see your Skype ID. As a note, the part live: is included in your Skype ID, so in the image below, the Skype ID is live:maria_17278