Skype Translator is a very useful tool for communicating with our members on Skype, in the desired language. Here you can find out how you can benefit from it by using Classic Skype.

1. Start your Skype and choose the person you want to talk to, from your contacts' list

2. You need to create a conversation group, which will include 3 entities: you, the other person and the Skype Translator Robot. For that, click on the "+" button and then type: "Skype Translator" and create the group, as in the picture below.

3. After the group is created, everything should be set. You can type in any language you wish (Spanish, Italian, Russian, Serbian etc.) and the Skype will translate every sentence you write, in English. Just make sure you have set "English" in the box shown, as in the picture below. If you wish to change the translated language, click on the "Change language" button.