Once you have at your disposal an interactive toy from We-Vibe or Kiiro, you are ready to connect it to your SkyPrivate account.

   As a Model, here are the steps you will need to follow:

    Step 1: Download and install the Feel Connect mobile application from Google Play Store or App Store.

    Step 2: Make sure that your Mobile Data Connection / Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth Connection settings are both active and assure that the toy is switched on. Open the app.

  1. Click on "Show devices near you"             

  2. Click on the toy found (In this case, Rave)                             

  3. After the toy is selected, click on "Add selected devices"

  Now, the Rave toy is connected to your phone.

    Step 3: Now that the toy is connected to your phone, you need to connect your phone to your SkyPrivate account.

1. Click on the app's menu                                                   

2. Click on "Add a website"                                    

3. Click on "Add a website" so you can scan the QR code associated with your SkyPrivate account.

    Your phone's camera will open and you need to scan the QR code found in your SkyPrivate account. For that, log into your account and go to Settings--> Public Profile-->Interactive Devices and click to "Add service", as shown in the picture below.

    Scan the QR code and also click on "Ok" so that the connection between the mobile app and your SkyPrivate account can be established.

     After you scanned the QR code, your phone should be connected to SkyPrivate, as shown in the picture below.

    Step 4: Now the connections are all set! For charging the members, all you have to do now is just set up options for the integrated toys. For that, go again to your SkyPrivate account to Settings-->Public profile-->Interactive devices and click on "Settings", beneath the "Add service" button.

    A new window will pop-up

1. Click on "Add option"            
Select the desired Amount, Duration and Strength for your toy's Option.

2. Click on "Save" to save your option.

    Everything is now set and you are ready to charge the members for using your toys!

    You can see all the amounts of money you received from the toy's tips, in your SkyPrivate Model account, at History-->Payments.


    As a Member, here are the steps you need to follow to use a model's toy:

    1. Go to our model's profiles site (https://profiles.skyprivate.com) and assure that you are logged into your account with your credentials.

    2. Go to a model's profile who uses interactive toys and click on "Interactive toys" tab.

    3. Select a predefined option set by the model from "Select Tip" and then click on "Send tip". 

    Right after you click on "Send tip", the model's toy will "play" according to the selected option's predefined settings (duration and strength). For this feature to be possible, the model has to be logged into her "Feel Performer" mobile app.

    You can see the amounts of tips you have sent to any model, in your SkyPrivate Member account, at History-->Payments.

    Also, here is a video in which you can see the process:

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