You can change your SkyPrivate Username to match your Skype ID. 

SkyPrivate Username = Skype ID --> The unique variable members will use to add you to their Skype list. Not to be confused with your Model Name, which is your Public Name, listed on the public profiles page.

    To do that, please go to your SkyPrivate account, and in Settings-->Account, you should find "Username". Click on "Change".
If you don't know your Skype ID you can find it by clicking on "Find Username" (this option will appear after clicking "Change") and filling in the e-mail address you used for Skype registration (not SkyPrivate). You can also visit our FAQ page to see more methods for finding your Skype ID by clicking here.



    After you type the email address, the Skype ID associated with that email address will be automatically filled in the Username box. Then, click the "Save Changes" Button.

*Important: Make sure that the Skype ID already exists and it belongs to you!

The Username will not be changed automatically due to verification of existence & ownership and usually, it takes less than 24 hours for a username change request to be approved.