We offer dynamic affiliate links if you want to automatically redirect traffic to specific model profiles. 

The link format is like this:
where XXX is the number of your campaign and after "?r=.." you insert the dynamic URL you want to redirect to.

Example: http://affiliates.skyprivate.com/i/u/90/?r=http://profiles.skyprivate.com/model/8580-astrodomina
where 90 is the campaign number (you find it in your affiliate account) and "/model/8580-astrodomina" is the destination profile page.

For your convenience you can use the subdomain: "set.skyprivate.com" to manually change from "affiliates.skyprivate.com".
Example: the above link can become http://set.skyprivate.com/i/u/90/?r=http://profiles.skyprivate.com/model/8580-astrodomina