We think our best and loyal models should be first on the profiles page (http://profiles.skyprivate.com/). At the same time, we want to encourage each new model to work with us, thus we have defined a well-balanced ranking system, that takes into consideration a couple of metrics related with your profile completion, activity and performance.

    Going into more details, the system takes into consideration:

  • General (standard) metrics: 
  • Having an avatar set;
  • Having a large number of pictures;
  • Having videos displayed on your profile;
  • Having a video preview recorded and posted on your profile;
  • Having a complete and complex description;
  • Having linked your Twitter account.

  • Variable metrics: 

    Metrics that can assure you a good position: 

  • Number of received calls - having more calls means better chances for better ranking;
  • Incoming earnings as a result of your calls – for sure, the payments you received from our members can really boost your ranking;
  • Being active in the scheduling system;
  • Good ratings received from the members (Please note that members can rate you only once in 24 hours, through the emails they receive from us. About these emails, for reasons out of our control, they might sometimes reach the Spam folder).

    Metrics that can decrease your ranking:

  • Number of chargebacks for the payments you’ve received;
  • Number of true reports received from our members; 
  • No activity (in general) in the last period.


    Important: As you are a part of the SkyPrivate community, your score (calculated automatically by our system) will be compared to the other models and therefore this is how we define your ranking in the profile page. Please note that the ranking can change at any time.


    Suggestion: Be active and responsible for your actions, do a great job everytime you are online and provide with good quality shows to our members.