For each referred member or model you will receive 0.1%. 

In order to view your referral links, you to go to your SkyPrivate account, under Promote -> Referrals

Once you provide them with one of the available links, either Main website one or the Profile page. The first link, as stated will redirect the new user to the main page, while the second one will redirect the user to your profile. From here, they only need to register their account, confirm the email address and enter the required information when creating the account.

When they do so you will be able to see them under the Referrals links, but only as not qualified. 

As seen in the image, you will not receive the 0.1% increase because they are not qualified yet. If it is a member, it will need to add funds (the minimum is $10). If it is a model, she will need to have a have at least one processed withdrawal.

After that, it will appear as qualified and you will receive 0.1%.