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    Since the SkyPrivate plugin is our main tool for earning money, it is crucial for its features to work properly.
    If you are logged in the plugin but no window pops up in the lower right side of your computer's screen when someone calls you on Skype, as it is shown in the picture below: 

You will need to do follow this simple steps:

  • exit the plugin

  • go to your computer's desktop

  • right-click on the PayPerMinute program and click on "Properties"

  • then, from the upper submenus click on "Compatibility"

  • from that window, check the box of "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and right beneath select "Windows 8" (select Windows 7 if you have Windows 7 installed on your computer).

  • click "Apply" and then "Ok" 

  • open the plugin again

    After this, the plugin should run as intended. If you still encounter any issues, please contact us through the Live Chat.

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