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How can my models see their net income?
How can my models see their net income?

Studio - Model percent

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Studios have the option to modify the value of Period Income in the Dashboard section of their models account based on the percentage set to be displayed from Studio - Settings - Models Percent.

Note: Only the Dashboard section is affected by this option!
A model will always see 100% value of payments/calls displayed in her account at History - All payments / History - All calls

  • Default percentage

The default percentage set in your studio account is 100 (meaning that models see 100% of the Period Income in Dashboard).

With the Model percentage set to 100, the model will see exactly the income she has generated in a determined period of time:

  • Changing it

You can change anytime you want the percentage of income a model has earned in a determined period of time (visible in the Dashboard section of a model):

  • [EXAMPLE] Percentage excluding SkyPrivate share

If you set 75 value, models will see 75% of the value of their Period Income (75% is the amount of money if we decrease SkyPrivate share).

 (100% - 25% SkyPrivate = 75% Studio + Model)

  • [EXAMPLE] Percentage excluding SkyPrivate share and Studio share

If your studio share is, for example, 25%, you can set the withdrawal percent at 50%, decreasing SkyPrivate share as well as your share (this way, the model will see her net income, 50% of the total value of her calls).

 (100% - 25% SkyPrivate - 25% Studio = 50% Model)

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