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How to schedule a show with a model?
How to schedule a show with a model?
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Important notes

You can schedule a show with a model on a certain day and at a certain hour.

The available days and hours can vary, depending on how the model sets her schedule (calendar) in her account.

The day and the hour you will be choosing to book will be set according to the timezone in your SkyPrivate account. Therefore, please ensure you set your correct timezone in your account, at Settings ⇒ Account ⇒ Contact details.

Some models have an option to ask for a booking deposit in value of $15. For those that have the option active, you will be asked to pay the deposit:

  • If the show takes place at the agreed date and time, you will be refunded that amount.

  • If you do not present or if the show isn't a pay-per-minute call, the model will receive the money you deposited.

For any doubts you might have, you can always contact support by opening a Live Chat!

How to do it?

To schedule a show, go to the model's profile and scroll down until you see her calendar.

Choose an available day and an hour, and then click on the confirmation button.

The model will be notified about your request, and she will be able to accept or decline it.

You will be informed about her decision in your email and also in your SkyPrivate account.

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