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How to search for more details about a member?
How to search for more details about a member?
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You have a tool that allows you to see if a person who contacts you is a member or not.

You can also search for additional information about a member before going into a show with him. For example, you want to find out more about a member before accepting a prepayment.

All you need to do is copy his Skype ID, go into your SkyPrivate account at Tools Lookup member and insert his Skype ID.

a. In case the Skype ID is connected to a SkyPrivate account, you will find the following results:

You will be able to see the comments left by other models and also a summary of his activity since he joined SkyPrivate.

b. In case your search is empty, there are two possible reasons:

  • that Skype ID is not connected to a SkyPrivate member account

  • the person who contacted you is not a SkyPrivate member

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