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Firstly, before going to how to do it on your own computer, make sure you have grabbed a Promoted spot. Only promoted models are able to live stream. Also, you will need to have OBS installed in order to run the live-stream.

In case you are looking to understand better OBS, check out their Help Center.

Now, how to do it?

Head out to Settings - Services in your account. There you will find the Streaming Live section.

You have 2 options of connecting:

  1. RTMPS Protocol Settings

  2. SRT Protocol Settings

RTMPS / SRT Protocol Settings. How to connect:

  1. Open OBS application and go to Settings

  2. Go to Stream section

  3. Copy - Paste the URL and Key from your account to OBS

  4. Press Apply in order to Save the changes.

  5. The setup is done!

Note: The steps are the same regardless of the protocol used!

How to change the Keyframe Interval

  1. On the previous Settings page in OBS, go to Output

  2. Select Advanced mode so you can edit the key frame

  3. Select in Keyframe Interval "2 s"

  4. Press Apply and that's it!

If you are looking for a more in-depth setup guide, check out our article for recommended settings!

How to Start Streaming

Once you have done all the settings needed, press on Start Streaming from your OBS Controls options.

Your stream will run live on your promoted public profile and will look like this (this one is black screen because the camera was off):

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