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How to top up your account using PayPal (US only)?
How to top up your account using PayPal (US only)?
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Good news for SkyPrivate users:

You can now use your PayPal balance to buy credits in SkyPrivate. But because PayPal doesn't do business with adult-projects the money flow is not PayPal ⇒ SkyPrivate, but it is PayPal ⇒ Bitcoin/ETH ⇒ SkyPrivate.

Follow the tutorial bellow. It is an easy-to understand process, just a few couple-of-steps:

This method is only available for PayPal US accounts!

In your SkyPrivate account

  1. Go to Add funds section;

  2. Choose Crypto method and select the amount you wish to add;

  3. Select BTC or ETH (those are available for PayPal);

  4. You will need the following details copied:

    • Address - blue writing in the screenshot below

  5. You will need those details in your PayPal account.

In your PayPal account

1. Go to Dashboard, click on Crypto:

Please make sure that you have enough balance in your Crypto account to make the top-up you wish.

You can buy the coin you want to make the top-up in from your PayPal account using your regular PayPal balance.

2. In the Crypto section, select one of the coins accepted by our payment processor (BTC, ETH).

3. Click on "Transfer"

4. Send BTC (or ETH, depending on what you use):

5. Copy the address from SkyPrivate’s checkout page:

6. Enter the amount you want to send and press Next:

7. Review and send the information for the final step:

This is all, your funds will appear in your SkyPrivate account in the following minutes. Go to your SkyPrivate account and refresh the page after some minutes have passed.

Note: If your funds haven't arrived, contact the Customer Care team using the chat bubble.

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