1. Sign-up or log into your SkyPrivate account here

    2. Add funds to your account using credit/debit card or other payment methods that we accept.

In the near future, we will add other alternative payment methods. Please tell us what payment methods you would prefer.

NO PAYPAL: we will not add PayPal as a funding method and we strongly advise members not to use it to transfer money to models, NOT even to verified models on SkyPrivate because there are cases when the models just "run" with the money received from PayPal.

    3. Visit the Profiles page and add the model(s) to your Skype contacts list.

    4. Video/audio call the model on Skype as usual. When the call is accepted, you will be charged per minute. The money is deducted from your SkyPrivate account according to the model's price, so you don't need to do or pay anything before or after.

    5. After ending the call, visit your account to see your balance.


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