If you are typing your correct SkyPrivate password and still encounter the message "Wrong username or password" when you try to log into the plugin (as in the picture below), it means that the Skype ID you filled in into your SkyPrivate account does not match your real Skype ID.

   In order to be able to log into the plugin:

    Your Skype ID (The ID of your Skype account) needs to be filled in correctly into your SkyPrivate account.

   How do I find my Skype ID?

    Since you installed the plugin, finding your Skype ID is very easy. You just need to open the plugin and your Skype ID will be automatically detected from the current Skype you are currently logged into. 

    After you saw your Skype ID in the plugin's window, copy it and then go to your SkyPrivate account, and in Settings -> Services, click on the "Edit" button.

     Enter your Skype ID (the one shown in the plugin's window) and then click the "Save Changes" button. After the change, you will be able to log into the plugin with no problems.

    Once you managed to log into the plugin, please visit this very important article-> click

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