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Watch out for the scammers out there. Check this article to learn their methods

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It is important to keep yourself informed about those scamming methods! Usually, newcomer models are getting scammed due to their lack of experience with our product and processes, but even if you are an experienced model, you should be aware about those methods. You might never know what's next!

Before going to the methods, it is extremely important to understand that those scamming methods occur on Skype.

We will NEVER ask you:

  • on Skype for a show

  • a verification call in which you expose yourself in less than decent way

  • to send us documents over Skype

  • provide us with your account credentials

We will NEVER:

  • announce you anything on Skype (we use emails)

  • refund money over Skype

Each time you have a doubt, please open a Live Chat with our Customer Support Team

Now, let's discuss the scamming methods we have discovered. We would have never discovered them without your help. Please, be a responsible user and help us help you. Even if you were scammed, that doesn't mean another model should be. Report those Scammers to Support team by opening a Live Chat.

  1. SkyPrivate Administrator method (helps the member pay method)

    We are never contacting models on Skype to tell them about Premium offers. Don't fall for it, it is a Scam!

  2. Prepaid call method (using Skype scheduling feature)

    Never trust this kind of offers, they are trying to scam you. As you can see in the screenshot above, "jan7 is a Premium Member and used the SkyPrivate Pay-Per-Minute, but the model..." - TOTAL SCAM. We don't send such messages on Skype. Don't be tricked! They've also started using our Support avatars in order to be more convincing! Don't trust them, always open a Live Chat on the website or from your account.

    Each payment which is done to and from your account is registered in your SkyPrivate account at History ⇒ All Payments. You can check it anytime!

  3. Verification call method

    Scammers are inventive and might be using an "official name", a picture, or they can even use the nicknames of our Support representatives. Don't fall for it! If you encounter cases like this, I suggest you go to the website and open a Live Chat with the real Staff team!

  4. Altering profile buttons/details method (fake photoshopped)

    Some scammers may alter some buttons/text in your public profile in order to trick you into doing a show! Don't accept it! Talk to our Support team (by opening a Live Chat) about it, and we will find a solution together!

  5. Sending a virus/suspicious file method

    As you can see, the video file above has the extension .vbs. This is a trick! Having mp4 at the end of a file creates a level of confidence, but actually .vbs format is used for executables that will run certain administrator processes (which can break the security of your computer if that is intended).

    Here you will see an example of what could happen if you download and run such a program:

  6. Technical team method

The technical team will never contact you on Skype without a prior conversation with Support. Occasionally, it happens, but it never uses this kind of introduction and always presents with a name (not just "tech team"). Just to be on the safe side, open a Live Chat with the Support team.

7. Troubleshooting (Remote session) scam

We will never contact you to go into a troubleshooting/remote session. If you haven't contacted us, DO NOT GO into any remote session with a person. They most certainly are scammers.

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