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Commitment from SkyPrivate

  • Models - we commit to helping models that are receiving unfair ratings (only with strong evidence and a valid case);

  • Members - we commit to having a limited intervention for member ratings, giving them the freedom to express their opinion, in the way they perceived the shows delivered by SkyPrivate models.

Rating Moderation - of interest for Models

Models' ratings will be moderated in the following 3 scenarios:

[1] Ratings moderated by default

  • 1.1 Valid: at all times

  • 1.2 Criteria:

>> personal data is disclosed in the review;

>> offensive reviews (member using offensive/vulgar language in the review);

>> ratings that a member wants to remove, but can no longer be removed by the member (with a request to support);

>> ratings related to a report that has been closed in the model’s favor.

[2] Ratings with strong evidence and a valid case to be moderated

  • 2.1 Valid: 48h from the time the rating has been given

  • 2.2 Strong evidence: screenshots of the entire Skype/Discord conversation; screenshots will reveal a valid reason for removing the ratings (e.g. member asking for an extra show in exchange for a better rating, evidence in the screenshot)

  • 2.3 Criteria for a rating moderation:

a) Rating is related to content delivery that has not been agreed upon before the call and/or content that the model doesn't offer (according to her public profile);

b) Member is abusing the rating system to harass/blackmail the model.

  • 2.4 Non-valid cases for a rating moderation:

a) Cases with a lack of evidence, or insufficient/irrelevant evidence (evidence not proving a valid reason for rating removal);

b) Member rating a model but not leaving any indication of the rating value;

c) Member gave a full review (stars, 👍👎 for the 4 evaluated components and review/public comment);

d) Any other situation not included in the criteria for a rating moderation in 2.3 (e.g. ratings related to the quality of a show, ratings related to short calls, ratings related to a technical issue, etc.).

  • 2.5 All ratings with strong evidence and a valid case will be moderated with a “2 pairs of eyes” rule. Rating will be removed only with 2 "Yes" votes.

>> Quality Inspector 1, back up by Quality Inspector 2

>> Quality Inspector 3, back up by Quality Inspector 4

>> Or any other variation, but always with 2 Inspectors on a case

  • 2.6 In case of an approved moderated rating, the rating will never be moderated by changing the value of it and/or comments, but rather will always be fully removed.

  • 2.7 In case of disagreement with the decision of the investigation, then the decision can be disputed once. After the final resolution is given, (after the one allowable dispute), no further disputes will be taken into consideration.

[3] Ratings not moderated, but can be disputed by the model by responding to the review publicly

For all ratings that do not fall in the above-mentioned categories and/or for rating removal requests that have been denied, models will be able to respond to their ratings, with this information visible in the public profile.

**Ratings left by members can be replied to by models for up to 7 days after they are received.

In case you need more information and tips on how to respond to a rating, please check this FAQ.

In case you need more information on how to rate a member, please check this FAQ.

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