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Commitment from SkyPrivate

  • Models - we commit to helping models that are receiving unfair ratings (only with strong evidence and a valid case);

  • Members - we commit to having limited intervention for member ratings, giving them the freedom to express their opinion, in the way they perceived the shows delivered by SkyPrivate models.

Moderation - of interest for Models

Moderation will be approached in the following 3 scenarios:

[1] Moderated ratings, Default

  • 1.1 Valid: at all times

  • 1.2 Criteria:

>> personal data disclosed in the public review;

>> offensive reviews (member using offensive/vulgar vocabulary in the public review);

>> ratings that can no longer be removed by the member (with a request to support);

>> rating related to a report that has been closed in the model’s favor.

[2] Moderated ratings, All ratings with strong evidence and a valid case

  • 2.1 Valid: 48h from the time the rating has been given

  • 2.2 Strong evidence: screenshots of the entire Skype/Discord conversation; screenshots will reveal a valid reason for removing the ratings (ex-member asking for an extra show in exchange for a better rating, evidence in the screenshot)

  • 2.3 Valid cases for a rating moderation:

a) Rating related to content delivery that has not been agreed upon before the call or/and content that the model doesn't offer (according to her public profile);

b) Member abusing the rating system to harass/blackmail the model.

  • 2.4 Non-valid cases for a rating moderation:

a) Cases with a lack of any evidence, or insufficient/irrelevant evidence (evidence not proving a valid reason for rating removal);

b) Member rating a model but not leaving any indication of the rating value;

c) Member giving a full review (stars, 👍👎 for the 4 evaluated components and review/public comment);

d) Any other situation not included in the valid case category (ex ratings related to the quality of a show, ratings related to short calls, ratings related to a technical issue, etc).

  • 2.5 All ratings with strong evidence and a valid case will be moderated with a “2 pair or eyes” rule. Rating will be removed only with 2 Yes.

>> Quality Inspector 1, back up by Quality Inspector 2

>> Quality Inspector 3, back up by Quality Inspector 4

>> Or any other variation, but always with 2 Inspectors on a case

  • 2.6 In case of an approved moderated rating, the rating will never be moderated by changing the value of it or/and comments, but always be fully removed.

[3] No Moderated ratings, BUT the model disputing her review publicly

For all ratings that do not fall in the above-mentioned category or/and rating removal requests that have been denied + any other ratings, models will be able to respond to their ratings, publicly, with info visible in the public profile.

In case you need more information on how to rate a member, please check this FAQ.

In case you need more information on how to respond to a rating please check this FAQ.

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