How do we make a report conclusion?
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If you have doubts about when a report refund is provided, and you would like to find out more about the process that we take, in order to reach that decision. Please read the following points, as they will give you a clear view about report refund outcomes.

Important deadlines about a report:

  1. For Members: 72 hours to submit any inconvenience/report from the moment of the call/payment.

  2. For both Members and Models:

    1. The report will be solved from 48 to 72 business hours.

    2. Evidence should be submitted from 48 to 72 hours (while the report is open).

  3. To dispute the resolution: 72 hours from the moment the resolution was given to contact Support and dispute the report resolution.

  4. Response time for report dispute: 24 business hours from the moment the dispute is received.

    Business hours: (Mon-Friday)

Report Analysis [process] – Refund dispute

A. What are we evaluating on each report?

  1. The report complaint must be placed, within 72 hours counted from the occurrence.

  2. The complete evidence is attached within the report section by Model, Studio, or Member.

    • The screenshots of the complete conversation between users are really important, so we can fully evaluate the situation and provide a more accurate outcome.

    • What do we need?

      • Screenshots of the initial agreement before the call started (If any)|

      • Call length (When the interaction started and ended)

      • Further conversation between the parties involved (if any)

    • Cases, where partial or no evidence is found, could be closed under a possible refund or inconclusive resolution, due to lack of evidence.

  3. In case no captures are uploaded, we will provide a 24 hours margin to both users to submit the screen captures into the report comment section, to assure that we gather all the necessary details of the ongoing investigation.

  4. If the member has delivered the complete or partial captures from the interaction, however, the model has failed to attach the screenshots, there’s a big possibility that the case is closed under a refund resolution, after evaluating the evidence.

What are the different ways to solve a report?

The report won't affect the model's profile; it will only go to the report queue for further investigation.

The different resolutions tag:

  1. Solved: The Complaint Analyst closes the case and issues a refund.

  2. Inconclusive: The Complaint Analyst closes the case as inconclusive due to lack of evidence/comment and no refund is performed

  3. Penalties: In some cases, penalties are applied depending on the resolution given in the report:

    Note: If a penalty occurs, this will be communicated in the report resolution, so both parties are informed of the decision made.

Profile ranking penalties to models

50 points will be deducted from the model ranking's score due to the following actions:

  • Offensive behavior

  • Taking/Accepting offsite payments

  • Streaming forbidden content

  • Real blackmailing

Other penalties for members and models

  • 1st warning: given for all compliance violations.

  • Temporary suspension: given to users with repetitive violations. (i.e., users being warned for a second time on the same action)

  • Monetary penalties: i.e., in case of accepting/taking external payments or streaming forbidden content after the first warning given

  • Permanent account closure: Users repeating same actions after the second warning or performing extremely forbidden content, for example, CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) content

What brings credibility into the reported case?

The more details you explain about the situation with the other party and the more screenshots/comments you submit into the case, the bigger is the possibility that the report outcome ends up being solved in the most accurate way.

Report Resolution Complaints process (Disputing an issued Resolution)

B. The users are allowed to dispute the report outcome, if the request is submitted within 72 hours from the report resolution, through the Support channel.

What information is needed, when appealing for a report second evaluation?

  1. The complete evidence of the case, from the very beginning to the end. (Whenever the inconvenience happened)

  2. A full and detailed explanation about the case and why you disagree with the final resolution.

  3. 24 hours margin, in order for us to perform a second evaluation, and provide a decisive outcome.

  4. After the final resolution is given to the party, the case will be permanently closed.


The more clear and complete evidence you submit into the reported case, the more possibilities that the report outcome ends up being solved in the most accurate way.

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