Go on skyprivate.com and click "Register". 

Enter your SyPrivate Username (which must be the same as your Skype ID, in order to use our services), your password and e-mail address. 

If you created your Skype Account using your e-mail and don't know your Skype ID, please click on "Don't know your Skype ID? Find it here." , as in the pictures below.



Enter your e-mail address and click "Submit".



Your SkyPrivate Username will automatically appear in the Username field. Fill in the Password and click "Sign Up" button.



Then, check your e-mail that you used to create your SkyPrivate account and confirm your e-mail address.



Now you will be able to login to your SkyPrivate account.




You also need to finalize your registration by filling in some profile information.




For example, you can select the account type (Member or Model).


After finishing all the steps, you will need to click "Submit".


And now, you have a SkyPrivate account.