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About the "Get more calls" program
About the "Get more calls" program
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Enabling the program

Get More Calls is a FREE to join program of SkyPrivate, open to all the Models that want to gain access to an extra base of Members that come from our affiliate partners through program.

How does the program work?

Any model that joins this program will have their current SkyPrivate profile listed on besides the usual listing on This website is owned by SkyPrivate.

Our affiliates will drive high quality traffic to, meaning that more members which otherwise wouldn’t have found your profile will engage with you in private calls.

What do I need to do in order to join the program?

You need to be a verified model with us. Read more about verification here. 

Then you'll just need to go to your SkyPrivate account to Promote Get More Calls and turn on the switch. Easy!

Why should I join the program?

As the name of the program already states you will receive more traffic to your profile which in term will help you earn more money. You will have more calls with members that otherwise wouldn’t have found your profile.

How much will cost me to be in this program?

From the calls, tips, prepayments, video buying that will come from these type of members, we redirect 20% to our partners.

The remaining amount will be added to your account balance, and from there you'll withdraw them as usual, by applying your regular percentage.

How will I know that a member has come from this program?

After you had a transaction with a member coming from the program, you will find that payment noted as:

The message will be displayed either as "Payment for Get More Calls program" or you will simply see "to services:affiliates" (as in the 2nd screenshot).

Who are the affiliates that will drive traffic to ?

Our affiliates are numerous business individuals with various websites and social media pages targeted towards the adult industry. The affiliates receive many visits from potential members interested in private shows and cam girls/boys. Our affiliates will direct all the members that come in contact with their websites to and in turn to your profile.

Can I opt in or out of the program as many times as like?

You are able to opt in and out each 30 working days.

Note: Based on your feedback, this term is subject to change.



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