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What is my payout percentage?
What is my payout percentage?
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The withdrawal percentage is 86%. You can reach this percentage in 2 stages:

To 80%

Copy one of the links from the Promote ⇒ Referrals section and give it to a person who wants to join SkyPrivate (as a Model or Member). After you give the link to that person, he/she needs to immediately create a new SkyPrivate account through that link:

For each referral, your withdrawal percentage will increase by 0.1%. The person who created the SkyPrivate account through the link you provided needs to become qualified, that means meeting the following requirement:

a) If she/he created a Model account, she/he needs to have at least one processed payout (withdrawal approved).

b) If she/he created a Member account, she/he has to add funds of at least $10 in the

To 86%

Copy the link from the Promote ⇒ Extra 6% promo section and give it to a person who wants to join SkyPrivate as a Member only. After you provided the link:

- he has to create the SkyPrivate Member account through your link
- he has to adds funds to his account
- then he has to call you per minute on Skype

Afterward, the member will be added to your Extra 6% promo list and you will earn 6% extra money for all the pay-per-minute calls and all the prepayments you will have with that Member.

For example, if your price per minute is $1 and you have a 100 minutes call with the member, you will earn $100 for that call and you will also automatically receive an extra amount of $6.

If you do not apply for the 2 stages mentioned above, your withdrawal percentage will be 75%.

The fees are paid only when you request withdrawals to get the money out of the SkyPrivate system


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