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How do I know I'm talking to the official SkyPrivate Skype Support?
How do I know I'm talking to the official SkyPrivate Skype Support?
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IMPORTANT: You need to be logged into the plugin in order to see if the person you're talking to is a scammer or not.

    Your security and privacy on SkyPrivate are very important to us, therefore you must remember not to trust or send sensitive information to anyone pretending they are contacting you on behalf of SkyPrivate.

    Our ONLY 4 official Skype accounts are the ones with the Skype IDs: 

supportskyprivate for English support

live:.cid.da7156a86e7c8a73 for Spanish support

live:skyprivate.rusia for Russian support

    To find a person's Skype ID simply log into your Skype account and from the contacts' list in the left, right-click on the person's name and click on "View profile".
Scroll down a little and the Skype ID will be shown at "Skype Name"  👇

    If you are contacted by a person who DOES NOT have the Skype ID supportskyprivate, live:skyprivate.rusia, live:skyprivate.espanol please block them on Skype and report them to us!

    Also, please note that every time you speak on Skype with one of the Official SkyPrivate Support Admins, the plugin will display the "SkyPrivate Admin" message.

    If you notice that you are contacted by a person who is not part of the SkyPrivate team, please report him to us using one of our official communication channels listed on our page:

    Whenever a person that has been flagged as a scammer in our system contacts you, the plugin will show the message as shown in the picture below:

    Following these steps will ensure that all of your data is kept safe on SkyPrivate and does not fall into the wrong hands. At the same time, you will help other members of the community by reporting potential scammers.

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