If you wish to provide shows as a couple, here is what you need to do:

- you need to create a SkyPrivate Model account and verify it

- your partner needs to create a SkyPrivate Model account and verify it

- choose an account you wish to use for providing the shows

- your couple account needs its content to be verified. This means you need to upload the minimum amount of pictures for the account to be visible.

The accounts that would be used to work (as a couple or independently need to have their content verified).

- the chosen account needs to be designed as a couple (add an avatar and profile pictures with both you and your partner, add a relevant couple profile description, include your account in the "Couple" gender - this can be done in Settings ⇒ Public profile).

- log into the plugin with the SkyPrivate username of the chosen account you designed for your couple.

    After you have taken these steps, everything will be set.

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