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How to follow your favorite models
How to follow your favorite models
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How to add a model to your Favorites list

On SkyPrivate, all the models are displayed on the profiles page. To reach the space, there are 3 possible ways:

In the screenshot below, you will see how to access the website from your personal account:

Once you found the model you like, all you need to do is to press on either the red heart icon, or click on the three dots icon and select Add to Favorites:

You will know you've successfully added the model to Favorites after seeing the heart icon filled with red:

How to find the favorite models

On the profiles page, you will see your favorite models listed after the "Promoted models" section, in the section called "Favorites":

You can also click on "View all favorites" or simply click here to quickly reach it.

Additionally, there are other ways of reaching your favorite models. You can access the list from your username displayed in the top corner of the webpage:

After clicking on your username, you can select the Favorites category and browse through the models you've added:

You don't even need to leave a model's profile to reach your favorites section. You can scroll down the page until you reach this section and continue your search from there:

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