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How to buy videos from models (About the Store) ?
How to buy videos from models (About the Store) ?
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You can buy videos directly from your SkyPrivate account, videos which will be listed on the Models' profiles and be available for our you to purchase.

Following, you will see a step-by-step guide that will help you purchase a video.

1. Go to a model's profile and click on the "Store" tab. The Store will be visible only if the model has uploaded videos available for buying.

There, you will see the available videos/clips to buy. Click on the one you wish to purchase.

2. A new window will appear, in which you will see some details about the product the model uploaded: a video preview (if the model set one), the title and the description, the length, resolution and size, and finally the price.

3. To buy the video, simply click on the "Buy video" button (you will first need to be logged into your Member account).

4. From the moment you click on "Buy Video" and confirm the payment by simply clicking a "Yes" button, you will be deducted with the correspondent amount of money, directly from your SkyPrivate account, and you will be able to view it from your SkyPrivate account, anytime.

5. Whenever you buy a video through the "Store" feature, you will see the purchase in your account at "Store ⇒ My videos" and play it from there.

You can also see the purchase in the "History ⇒ All Payments" section:

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