We have created this article to help you use a Splitter so you can use your web camera at the same time, on multiple sites, platforms and applications (including Skype & Discord).

    The Splitter we recommend to our Models is ManyCam (version 4.1.2).

    You can download the ManyCam splitter by clicking on this official link: https://download.manycam.com/thank_you_page/win-4.1

    After you installed the software, you have to do 3 things:

    1. Activate the Full HD (1080p) quality    By default, the free version 4.1.2 comes with a non-HD video quality. To activate the Full HD, you will have to "crack" the software. For that, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • completely exit the software

  • copy ManyCam.exe and paste it in the folder you installed the software. Usually, that is in C: -> Program files (x86) ->ManyCam

  • you just activated the Full HD (1080p) feature!

        2. Remove the ManyCam watermark/logo

  • to remove the logo so it will not appear anymore on the screen, go to the "Text" tab:

    3. Activate your webcam audio settings

  • for that, go to the "Audio" tab:

    That is all! Enjoy a lifetime Splitter software.! If you know better Splitters that work on Skype and Discord, let us know :)

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