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What is Model Centro?

ModelCentro is a fan based website where you can gather all your fans and keep in touch with them!

Why would I create/connect a ModelCentro account?

The answer is simple: You can earn a monthly income from the subscription fee and monthly subscription fee that a member on ModelCentro has to pay in order to stay in touch with their favourite models!

How do I connect it my ModelCentro account?

You can easily connect your ModelCentro account from your SkyPrivate account by going to Settings - Public Profile - External Profiles. All you have to do is to enter there the email used to create your ModelCentro account.

What does "Join Payout" and "Rebill Payout" mean?

In your account, you need to set a percentage to share with SkyPrivate from the earnings you made with the help of SkyPrivate!


The option you have in your SkyPrivate account allows you to earn traffic on your ModelCentro page! The earnings you make with the help of SkyPrivate will need to be shared with us!

Join Payout share - each time a member makes an account on ModelCentro through the link on your Skyprivate Public profile, you will earn an amount from it. From that amount, for the first transaction, you set a percentage to share with SkyPrivate.

Rebill Payout share - members on ModelCentro need to renew their subscription each month. You earn a recurring income based on their renewal and for those members coming from SkyPrivate, you need to set a percentage to be share with us

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