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Plugin - Connecting forever issue
Plugin - Connecting forever issue
Model - Plugin loading forever issue
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1. When you see this image with connecting, log out from the plugin by pressing right click on the small bar icon of the plugin and then Log out

2. Go into your SkyPrivate account at Settings - Services

3. Here, all you have to do is to add a random number at the end of your Skype ID (by pressing Configure/Edit - adding a random number at your Skype ID - Save)

4. Go back to the plugin and log in using your SkyPrivate credentials

5. When you see the yellow button called "Link account", go back to where you changed your Skype ID and delete the random number at the end of it (don't forget to save)

6. Go back to the plugin and press on "Link account"

7. In the Microsoft window which will pop out, login using your Skype credentials of the ID connected to your account

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