SkyPrivate and are complementary services. ModelCentro can be your home on the internet - your personal website for free, where you can upload photos, videos and sell memberships, to complete your Skype live shows income.

    We did a 2-way integration between our systems:  

  • connecting SkyPrivate to your ModelCentro personal website, you will promote your pay-per-minute offer to your website's members
  • connecting ModelCentro inside your account, you will display your website homepage on your public profile at and all visitors will visit the website and (hopefully) will subscribe to it. This will bring you passive income. 

    Here are the 3 easy steps to create a ModelCentro account and then link the 2 systems to each other:

    1. First, create a ModelCentro account by signing up here.


    2. Now that you have a ModelCentro account and website, let's connect it to your SkyPrivate account. By doing this, your new website will be listed on your public profiles page:

    In your SkyPrivate account, go to Settings -> Public Profile, and select "External Profiles" tab like in the image below. Then, enter the e-mail address used to register to


    You need to add the Join and Rebill Payout rates.
    Join Payout & Rebill Payout must be between 50% and 90% and it is the percentage shared by you with the affiliates that promote your ModelCentro website and bring new customers and new sales to the membership site.


    Then click "Save":


    From now on, your ModelCentro personal website can be accessed by SkyPrivate members and visitors through your Public Profile page. Your website will be visible under your Twitter account and personal info.

    3. Let's do the other way around and link your SkyPrivate account to your new ModelCentro personal website. This way, all your website's visitors will be able to find out about your pay-per-minute offer and buy Skype shows beside the membership they pay on your website.

    To set this up, you need to log into your ModelCentro account, click on "Set up Join Options"--> "Apps"
Here you enter the SkyPrivate ID (it is the Skype ID used to make shows or to register on SkyPrivate), like in the image below.
Then click "Connect":


    If the SkyPrivate ID is valid and your SkyPrivate Profile is set to Public in your settings, then you will see this confirmation message:


    Now, the visitors will see on your website's menu a link called "Skype Me". That will redirect them to your SkyPrivate Public Profile, where they will be able to get your Skype ID, add you on Skype and pay per minute for shows.


    If you need more help, don't hesitate to open a support ticket.