In order to promote your SkyPrivate public profile page we integrated Twitter in our system. You can read more about raising your percentage by linking Twitter to your account here and for the auto promoting tweets on your Twitter feed read below.

You can connect your Twitter account through these simple 4 steps:

Log into your account and go to "Promote" > "Referrals" page that looks like this:


2. Click on the "Authorize SkyPrivate" button (from the left banner) so you can link your Twitter account and after the process is complete, you will see a new info banner, like this:


3. Now you can click on "set tweets options" button so you can go to auto-tweets settings. Once clicked, you will be redirected to compose your auto-tweets, or keep our default auto-tweet text. [see image bellow]


4. You need to click "Yes" in order to set your auto-tweets, then click on "Save Changes" after you finish, in order to save your changes.

From now on every time your SkyPrivate plugin goes online we will send an auto-tweet and after every paid pay-per-minute session will send another tweet but NEVER will mention the member's ID or the amount.