Why does Norton Internet Security Antivirus block the SkyPrivate plugin? And what is "WS.Reputation.1" alert from Norton?

WS.Reputation.1 is the default alert type set by the antivirus company Norton for the software applications that are new or do not have many reviews from the Norton Security community users. 
SkyPrivate plugin for Windows is SAFEYou can scan it with other antivirus software to trust it.

If you get this alert:


or this alert:


We advise you to:

1. Download the plugin again
2. Right-click the setup.exe (PayPerMinute) file > choose 
"Norton Internet Security" > choose "Norton File Insight"
3. Then click "
Trust now" link.
(see pictures bellow)


Click "Trust now":


4. Now double-click the setup.exe (PayPerMinute) to start installing the plugin.