The pay-per-minute transactions are not affected by charge backs.

If the members that transferred you money (via direct pay) do charge backs to their bank, the money is taken back from us. This is why we will need to do a charge back to your account as well.

The same is valid for members that use stolen cards (fraud).

For example:

1. 1st of January: The model will receive the amount of $50, the amount will be forwarded into the Studio account. Her balance will always remain $0.

2. 2nd of January:  Let's pretend that the person who paid $50 will do a charge back. First, the money will be deducted from her account, so her balance will be negative. After that, from the Studio account will be deducted $50 and moved into the Model's account. Now the model have a balance of 0$.

3. 16th of January: When you will calculate how much you need to pay the model, you will see the amount made by the model minus charge backs. So you will see the exact amount made by the model.

To minimize the opportunity for this to happen we suggest to contact us as soon as possible about any member that transfers you a large amount of money or that looks/sounds fraudulent.