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About SESTA / FOSTA - How to protect your account
About SESTA / FOSTA - How to protect your account
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SkyPrivate is not a U.S. company and SESTA will not influence the platform we built for webcam models. SkyPrivate will always be adult friendly! Skype only updated its terms of use to add “no offensive language allowed” starting May 1st 2018. The “no pornography” article was in their terms for years, so this is not the big change they added as many models believed. Now more than ever we really believe that using SkyPrivate to manage the income for skype shows, having a backup of the paying customers and their spending with you, will protect your professional activity as a cam girl.

    For extra back-up against having your Skype account banned and losing the contacts, read a detailed post below:

  • Why Skype and many other major services like Reddit and CraigList are now banning anything that is related to legal “adult entertainment”?

    Because of SESTA. Because U.S.A. politicians, in their attempt of controlling sex trafficking (that is something illegal), created collateral damage for the legal acting adult-industry businesses and any american user-generated online platform like Reddit and Craiglist.

    Because now any american website has a liability for ALL the content that is found on its servers. This means that if somebody uploads a content that is illegal (minors, sex trafficking, etc) on Google Drive; now Google Drive is exposed to a very big legal risk; and not just the person that posted that content online.

    To protect their own businesses you can see 2 types of reactions:

- some companies just closed down their entire services/categories used by individuals (like CraigList did for example) or

- updated their TOS (terms of usage of the service) to allow them to INVESTIGATE and then BAN the account holder and his content.

  • What did Microsoft/Skype say and what will they do?

    Microsoft/Skype reaction was to update their own ToS:

    What they did was to modify the terms so that they have the right to investigate your account and content when you are flagged (by other users or algorithms – maybe).  In an interview by The Register A Redmond spokesperson sent the following answer:

    "We are committed to providing our customers with safe and secure experiences while using our services. The recent changes to the Microsoft Service Agreement’s Code of Conduct provide transparency on how we respond to customer reports of inappropriate public content."

    The keywords here are: “customer reports” and “public content”.

  • What Microsoft/Skype can technically do and how does this influence the work of Skype cam-girls?

    We expect that Skype will add new methods for its own users to report other Skype users. We know that Skype video/audio calls & text are encrypted but not yet end-to-end encrypted. This means that people can not access the content of your video/audio call but Skype can investigate and find on its servers when and for how long you had skype calls with other users. And until end-to-end encryption will be available by default, Skype can access a Skype video/audio conversation if they start to “listen” from the start of the call (this means that you were reported and they are listening to you in particular. We assume.). We also expect Skype – considering the NSA scandal from the past –  not to start to record billions of skype to skype call-hours on its servers, because technically and business-wise this does not make sense.

    In a nutshell, this means that we do not expect many things to change for Skype and its users – technically. Just that they are covering themselves legally and upgrading the reporting mechanism.

  • How can you protect your Skype related cam-girl business? What can you do?

    Before May 1st nobody can predict how Skype platform will react and what will be the impact of any new change. But if you are a cam girl that is building a strong business using Skype you have at least the following back-up for the worst case scenario if you get your Skype account banned:

  1. be sure you have a account if you are not registered already – because all the payments, transactions and history of your calls with paying customers are saved on our own servers and Skype cannot delete/ban this information. We are not an american company and we are adult friendly.

  2. be sure that from time to time you also do a back-up of all your own skype contacts. you can see a tutorial about exporting your skype contacts here. The list of the contacts can be imported in any new skype account you want to create in the future.

  3. even if you skipped step no. 2 above, in the worst case scenario where your skype account gets banned by being reported, you can create new Skype account and then change your username (Skype ID) in your SkyPrivate account

  4. as an extra safety measure you should set in your SkyPrivate account to not have your Skype ID publicly displayed in your profile. This way, only members that are premium and have credits can see your skype ID. This translates into lower chances of having your Skype ID reported by freeloaders to Skype.

    In conclusion, we say to all our models who use Skype for live-camming:

    Do not worry too much about the new Skype terms if you keep doing a legal activity, if you do not share your skype ID all over the internet publicly, if you do a back-up of your contacts and if you’re using SkyPrivate for billing.

    We at SkyPrivate, do not expect many things to change for Skype and its users – technically. Just that they are covering themselves legally and upgrading the reporting mechanism.

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