Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
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What CSAM is? What are your (legal) responsibilities?

CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) also known as CP (child pornography) has different legal definitions in different countries/jurisdictions. The minimum defines CSAM as imagery or videos which show a person who is a child and engaged in or is depicted as being engaged in explicit sexual activity.

The fight against child exploitation, CSAM and the propagation of sexual abuse material is a common fight and responsibility at the same time. From both moral and law enforcement standpoints.

Here is what you need to know about your responsibilities:

  • Engaging in any interaction (written, audio, video) that contains CSAM content is strictly prohibited. Interaction refers to a Skype call/conversation which has a SkyPrivate attached payment (pay per minute, prepaid, tips, etc.);

  • In case you receive a show proposal from a SkyPrivate member where CSAM content is involved, your responsibilities are to:

  1. Decline the proposal;

  2. Immediately stop any contact/communication with the member. As a secondary action, you should also consider blocking/reporting the member in Skype;

  3. Report the member to SkyPrivate support team. Please consider this is a very important step so that we can start a due diligence process and take the right actions. You can contact our team via live chat or from this page.

About the report:

  • You will be providing us with all details you have about the reported member and the case/crime. And this in written only, through the live chat/email/ticket with the support team;

  • Considering the CSAM content restrictions, you should not have and you will not be asked to provide any screenshots/pictures/images/videos or any other form of information/proof that contains CSAM.

Other notes:

  1. Note that owning, distributing/sharing CSAM content is strictly prohibited;

  2. In case you have been exposed to such content, this content has to be immediately destroyed;

  3. Note that in case you do accept the proposal and knowingly decide to engage in a show with CSAM content or/and you do not report the case to us, SkyPrivate will:

a. Close your account;

b. Permanent restrict your access to using the service;

c. Freeze your funds for a 1-year period (in partial or total of your available balance);

d. Support child protection agencies/authorities.

SkyPrivate CSAM zero-tolerance policy - Please visit our Terms and Conditions page and our Code of Conduct and Ethics and stay informed about all policies/regulations and requirements you will need to comply with.

Final notes

  1. Note that for submitting specific reports to proper end-authorities, SkyPrivate is collaborating with ASACP, read more by accessing this page.

  2. SkyPrivate reserves the right to add and update any of our internal policies/regulations in regard to CSAM and/or any other specific related policy;

  3. As a SkyPrivate model/studio, it is your full responsibility (including legal responsibility) to acknowledge and respect all these policies/regulations.

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