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How to add a video preview to your profile?
How to add a video preview to your profile?
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   The video preview is a very important step you will have to take, as it will help you increase your ranking points. For more information about the ranking system, please visit this article ⇒ click

    If you wish to add a short video preview (6 seconds) so that the members will be able to see it on your profile page:

 please follow these simple steps:

    1. After logging into the plugin, you will receive a notification if you wish to add a preview.

     2. Once you pressed on the "Yes" button, a window will open, which will allow you to see your webcam. After clicking on "Start" Recording, the plugin will start recording the preview.

     3. After 6 seconds passed, you will be able to review your recording. If you wish to take another one, you can simply click on "New". If you like the recording, click on "Post Video".

    4. After clicking on "Post Video" a notification will appear letting you know that the uploading process of the video has started. Once it finishes, you will be notified once again. As stated in the notification, it may take a few minutes (around 15 minutes) before it is displayed on your profile.

    5. If you wish to remove the video preview, you can go to your SkyPrivate account to Settings ⇒ Public Profile ⇒ Video Gallery and hover the mouse over the item displayed. A little X will appear below the video and you can simply click on it.

    6. If you wish to add another video preview, just follow the explained steps again.

​    7. You can also add a video preview to your profile by simply right-clicking on the plugin's icon and clicking on "Record a preview".

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