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The buttons on the website/in my account don't work
The buttons on the website/in my account don't work
Browser Incompatibility
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If you are encountering difficulties when using SkyPrivate, either in your account or on the website, most probably it is a browser incompatibility issue. Here are some useful information that might help you:

  1. AdBlocker - The browser extension AdBlocker blocks some of SkyPrivate functions which appear as a pop-up. If you have the extension On, make sure you deactivate it on SkyPrivate. Do not worry, we won't bother you with commercials 😁👍

  2. Pop-ups and redirects - Google Chrome has a setting called like this which blocks pop up windows. To make sure everything is running smoothly, you can disable this setting.

a. Go to Settings - Privacy and security

b. At "Content" section, you will find "Pop-ups and redirects" tab

c. Make sure you have this option on Allowed:

3. Clearing cookies and cache - some cookies and cache data might prevent you from logging into your account or running other functions of SkyPrivate. These can be cleared anytime from your browser settings following this simple steps:

a. Go to your browser Settings. On Google Chrome that can be accessed quickly from the 3 bullets found in the right top corner.

b. In Settings - search for Clear browsing data. On Chrome, this option is available in "Privacy and security" section.

c. Once clicked on it, a window will appear asking what kind of browsing data to delete. Make sure you have these two options checked 👇

d. Press on "Clear data" and all done!

4. If none of the mentions above worked. Try to use a different browser. You won't believe it but it usually helps 😌

Note: Safari browser tend to be buggy with our website. Consider trying other browser than Safari!

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