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How to upload videos from your personal computer?
How to upload videos from your personal computer?
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How to add the video?

In order to upload a video from your personal computer, you must first understand the requirements in order to upload it:

  • The maximum number of videos that can be uploaded is 12

  • The minimum duration of a video needs to be 10 seconds

  • The maximum duration of a video can be 120 seconds

  • The extension of the video has to be .mp4 or .mkv (other extensions do not work)

  • The file size (gigabytes) is unlimited; it can be 2 GB, 4 GB, even 6 GB etc.

  • The quality of the video should be as high as possible

In order to upload the video, go into your SkyPrivate account at Public profileVideo GalleryUpload New Video (click here to quickly access the page / see the image attached below).

How to convert your video to .mp4 or .mkv file

Here is a list of recommended pages that can be used to convert your files

Using the last option we provided, should look like this:

1. Add your media, select the file you would like to convert

2. You can select either .mp4 or .mkv

3. Click on convert, and wait until the video has been converted "Uploading"

4. Click on Download, and you will have your video converted
(You can find the video, on the download carpet)

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